Some good news and some bad news.

First, the good…

I’m very pleased to announce the release of our Phoenix Viewer release. This release addresses the stability and crash issues we were having as well as media issues. It also has some major performance improvements as well as some new features like Progressive Draw Distance stepping designed to help close objects rez faster for you. I will add the change log on this version at the bottom of this post. I’m also very pleased to say that the Phoenix Viewer has soared in popularity very fast with yesterday alone showing over 334 thousand logins, with 64,152 of them unique by household. Those are amazing numbers considering how new this project is!

And now the sad news…

I’m sad to announce the departure of Dimentox Travanti and Miss Wright from our development team. Dimentox has been an absolute asset, and we wouldn’t be nearly as far as we are today without his dedication and contributions. He has been extremely generous to this project by allowing us to use his servers and, he has donated countless hours of his time in code. Miss Wright has also spent a lot of time and dedication to our project in many ways, including a custom skin for our viewer and alot of documentation.  Their departure was a result of a difference in opinion on how the project and team should be run. We are sad to see them go and wish them both much success in their future projects.

The Phoenix Project and its team will continue making advances in this viewer and in the future, a Viewer 2 for the residents of Second Life.

Change log to Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix selection beam: Prefs> Phoenix > Avatar > Selection beam particle effects > Phoenix
New default Phoenix skin: Prefs> skins> Select skin> “Firebird”
Build floater addition: Edit window > Edit axis at root and show highlight
Built in IRC: Contacts> IRC>
Re added Ctrl-Alt-E for edit linked parts.
Added Nvidia Geforce GTX 460/470/480 Support
Option to colour friends chat in a different colour: Prefs> Text chat> Chat Color> “Friends” And “Color text in chat from my friends in a different color” (check box below)
Improved performance with SSE2 and Vectorization.
Added ability to see your own tag color: Prefs> phoenix> Shields> Phoenix Tag Color> “Show your own color” (check box)

Media fixes
Crash fixes
OpenJPEG fixes and updated too version 1.4
Memory leak fixes
PHOE-54 – Second right click of about land doesn’t display correct info
PHOE-319 – Fixed PhoenixRenderHighlightSelections: Tools > show selection outlines
Client tag issues between Emerald and Phoenix
PHOE-503 – Text on spell check tab runs off floater
Fixed crouch toggle from messing up controls in vehicles
Fixed bug in copy key button
fixed chat window transparency bug

Removed the ability to use gestures to change draw distance, as code improvements make it obsolete. Progressive draw distance stepping.
Dissolved friendship notification now comes through a dialog in the top right corner of your screen.
Optimized and updated bridge

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23 Responses to Some good news and some bad news.

  1. Silent Orfan says:

    once more a BIG thank you to all of you Phoenix-people! Phoenix has been making a tremendous progress in stability. also, your time spent in development and support is amazing, considering the fact that all you get as a “salaray” is a crowd asking you for more. 🙂 please, keep up your excellent work!

  2. grizel halberstadt says:

    dont you think it’s time this blog content get exported over to Phoenix viewers site, it needs the blog over there… otherwise, keep up the work guys. If you make a stand alone promo primmie again, let me know I have been a longtime user of the project, and have promoted it much.

  3. Mimika Oh says:

    Their departure was a result of a difference in opinion on how the project and team should be run.

    How the project and team should be run was a critical problem for a certain other viewer. So how should they be run? Best luck to you!

  4. Ergo Brandeis says:

    You did it again, guys^^ Thank you for the great effort in the new version. Phoenix works like a charm for me.

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  6. Hmmmmm….. In the new version, is the About Land line at the top of the window supposed to be black on black? oO The sim and parcel name is too dark to read now without squinting at it closely. oo

  7. Millie says:

    Progressive dd is not not much help if you are disabled and use a controller since its blocked even single use dd commands and also forces itself on if you try use them.

  8. tyron says:

    Hi jessica, I’m on phenix 225 and I wanted to sign in as usual yesterday and I got banni sl without reason I can’t a connect on sl and I didn’t do anything wrong I am in the phoenix group, and I get no answer to help me, I am banned from sl without reason is unacceptable and I address a toi if you can do something for me, I land club family in my partner who is concerned about and don’t know what to do to get please answer me jessica sl

  9. tyron says:

    my nane is tyron reanimator

  10. hello and im trying to figure out why my partner cant get on his name is Tyron Reanimator and im his wife and i have a son tyron reanimator jr and a daughter on the way , but idk why he got banned can someone help please cause im worried bout the house land and the club and our family grrrrrrrr. im very up st bout this

  11. it is me again and my hubby Tyron Reanimaotr is on phoenix and he got banned grrr i dont know why … but i hope i get some answers .. because he is a good person and hubby and he was trying to do the right thing by buying a house and land and opening a club on here now we both dont know why he got banned if anyone can help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Edvard Larsson says:

    Jessica, sad to hear about the departures, they were great assets to the team.

    Not to denegrate their leaving, but will the Phoenix dev team now reconsider reincorporating *kdu.dll into its distribution, now that the new TPV policy does not specifically forbid it, and other TPVs (like Kirsten’s latest) once again incorporates LL’s libllkdu.dll in their distributions? I know you all have done a stupendous job in speeding up rendering with openjpeg, but I’m wondering if Phoenix can keep pace with the others if it doesn’t use the same rendering tools that other TPVs and LL’s own viewer does.

  13. jessikaR says:

    its not very obvious where to find the newest version in this post… it would be helpful if you posted a “download it here” link. 🙂

  14. julala says:

    Jessica and team you have done so brilliantly well with bringing out phoenix, which I love btw, and I was so pleased to see so many (phoenix) tags at a gig the other day (by far the majority of avatars there).

    Please, please, please keep the team drama-free and professional. I know we are dealing with some young people and also people working for no money but just for the love of it – but the drama is what killed emerald. Phoenix is the best – please keep it there.

    • Sorina Garrigus says:

      I second that. Please all devs if any disagree keep it drama free. People are depending on you guys to create a awsome viewer. I can’t wait for the 2.x version. Please make the interface NOT annoying. Thats asking a lot as LL made things a challenge in that regard

  15. Millie says:

    So why not post my comment? Afraid its true?

  16. Algezares says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Hope those departures will not affect the good work already done and new version 2 is on the grid soonest. I have a question… as a designer I would like to know if next version will support more than one tattoo layers as you can find using the ugly Linden’s viewer 2.1. this is very important to me and hope this feature is offered soonest.
    Thanks for having developed Phoenix, I luv it!!

  17. ByteDreams Slade says:

    to date, i have not been able to access pages or downloads from links coming from the upgrade is not on your homepage.

  18. Deshar says:

    I think it might be helpful if it was stated why some of the devs left *in more specific terms*, considering a similar thing has happened before with the old viewer, and we all know how *that* ended up.

  19. ByteDreams Slade says:

    can you put the upgrade on the home page like the last version? cant load pages coming from that channel 3000

  20. Gary says:

    All I hear is alot of drama, as stated above, yet I can’t hear my web radio link using Phoenix, the multimedia audio doesn’t load right. What good is a viewer without music? back to using a different viewer.

  21. Kalthea Xenno says:

    Hello Jessica!

    I’m both happy for the new release, as you’re keeping things up to date, and sad for the loss of more people. However, with the new viewer, I have witnessed a problem.

    I’m on Windows Vista at the moment, and it’s a 64x system, so I downloaded the SSE2 file to try to optimize my game. However, when I started the installation, the .7z file wouldn’t download, and I wasn’t able to get that. However, I could still install the viewer. Upon entering the world though, my sounds wouldn’t play, at all. I tried muting and unmuting, playing with the computer sound settings and all of that fun stuff. Installing the basic one for now, but please respond when you can.

  22. Lisa Shepard says:

    Will there ever be support for ATI 5870 video cards?

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