Response to Arabella’s notecard

I suppose I should defend myself against Arabella’s accusations. To which, I will quote this “- The primary issue that resulted in the demise of Emerald was the attempted and failed takeover of the project, far in advance of any requirements deadline set by Lindenlab. This hostile takeover was initiated by Jessica Lyon. ”

As you can see by my post below, outlining that in no capacity would LL allow emerald to continue with Skills, Phox (lonely bluebird), and Discrete. And with Lonely’s refusal to step down, the only option in my mind, was to find a way to forcibly remove him from the team in order for emerald to comply with LL’s requirements. Now if you want to call that a “take over”, your free to do so. I see it as doing the last possible thing I could to keep the project alive. I even offered to step down and resign myself, if phox would step down so the project could survive.

I’m quite sure that Phox is preparing a final emerald release which will circumvent LL’s ability to block it. Also keep in mind that this build will be done entirely by him with no one else verifying any code. Use it at your own risk.

That said, a bit of dev chat…

[12:55:32 PM] Jessica Trinity: phox, if you stay, they will block emerald
[12:58:24 PM] Jessica Trinity: none of us want emerald to die except you right now
[12:59:10 PM] Jessica Trinity: and as far as I can tell, none of us are willing to risk emerald except you.
[1:00:14 PM] Phox: I believe emerald has a great chance of dying without me.
[1:00:26 PM] Jessica Trinity: emerald has a better chance of continuing without you than with you
[1:00:33 PM] Phox: I feel differently.
[1:00:44 PM] Jessica Trinity: We have a good list of very experienced dev’s wanting on the team
[1:01:09 PM] Phox: I’m sure you do o.o
[1:01:16 PM] Jessica Trinity: Essentially, staying means your willing to kill emerald
[1:01:23 PM] Jessica Trinity: this makes me sad
[1:01:23 PM] Phox: If that’s how you see it, sure.
[1:01:35 PM] Jessica Trinity: how can you be that selfish?
[1:01:41 PM] Phox: I don’t know.
[1:02:01 PM] Jessica Trinity: users aside, everyone here is here because we want to see emerald succeed
[1:02:09 PM] Jessica Trinity: and we’re still here because we believe it can
[1:02:34 PM] Jessica Trinity: leaving for the sake of the project would be the only honorable thing to do hon
[1:02:55 PM] Phox: I guess I’m not honorable then.
[1:03:04 PM] Jessica Trinity: so your willing to be the reason emerald dies?
[1:03:25 PM] Phox: No, Linden Lab will be the reason Emerald dies, regardless of what I do.
[1:03:35 PM] Phox: If my staying results in that outcome, well you can say I told you so.
[1:03:40 PM] Jessica Trinity: phox, I know we can keep emerald alive
[1:04:46 PM] Jessica Trinity: I can’t believe you’re willing to kill this project just because of.. well, I don’t know why?
[1:04:58 PM] Phox: Well when you figure it out, let me know
[1:05:01 PM] Jessica Trinity: Why are you willing to kill this project by staying?
[1:05:37 PM] Jessica Trinity: do you not care about the project?
[1:05:51 PM] Phox: Obviously, I don’t care at all
[1:05:54 PM] Phox: I’m here for the money, you know that
[1:05:57 PM] Jessica Trinity: after all the time and work you put into it, your willing to just let LL kill it?
[1:06:09 PM] Jessica Trinity: there will be no money in it when it’s dead
[1:06:16 PM] Phox: …
[1:06:20 PM] Jessica Trinity: believe me, LL is 100% prepared and willing to kill this project.
[1:06:23 PM] Phox: There is no money in it now, that’s the point.
[1:06:30 PM] Jessica Trinity: Then why stay?
[1:06:35 PM] Jessica Trinity: why kill it
[1:06:38 PM] Phox: Like I said, you figure it out.
[1:06:46 PM] Phox: I’m not going to sit here and argue with you about this
[1:06:47 PM] Jessica Trinity: I can’t figure it out phox, because it makes no sense.
[1:07:14 PM] Jessica Trinity: If i was told to leave, and i had to leave to keep this project going i wouldn’t think twice about it. I would be sad, but i would also be proud that i made the sacrifice to keep it alive
[1:07:48 PM] Phox: Well when I’m told to do something I don’t immediately bend over and let linden lab fuck me.
[1:08:00 PM] Jessica Trinity: phox, they are going to kill the project
[1:08:04 PM] Jessica Trinity: are you living in denial?
[1:08:05 PM] Phox: Let them

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95 Responses to Response to Arabella’s notecard

  1. J says:

    Phox is in it for the money. You’re in it for the ego. You deserve each other.

    • Nix Manx says:

      Id rather have a egotistical person who knows a great deal about how to develope an SL viewer and is able to do it in a way that is honest and forthcoming than a money hungry moron who is clearly happy that a viewer, that is used and enjoyed by a great deal of people in SL, is going to die.

      Personally I feel the end of the emerald dev team is ultimately the best thing that could happen at this point, these little drama snippets we have been exposed to over the last few weeks would continue indefinately with people like Arabella and Phox pushing the buttons and being happier for it.

      Jessica I enjoyed the interviews you did and could only imagine how many times you /facepalmed yourself everytime Arabella opened her big gob, I for one will be looking forward to your next project and will as a matter of urgency, change it to my viewer of preference.

      Good Luck!

    • Aeris says:

      Your dumb, he was being a smart ass when he said he was in it for the money. There is NO money. All of the developers do this for free. And beleive it or not J some people do enjoy giving to others. Jessica was noble and didn’t want to see all of the time and effort put into this project to just go to waste. Phox was a sad bastard who only cared about himself. Even HE knew it was selfish but he’s just one of those types of people who seek water on their own level. They are not satisfied unless everyone is miserable right along with them. So now, not only is the Emerald project dead but he also made himself look like a big douche bag on top of it.

      • Aeris says:

        Oh and furthermore… Jessica’s loyalty was to US The users. Not some asshole greedy prepubescent teenager who has his own ego shoved so far up his ass he can’t even breathe.

      • TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

        Perhaps now he is free of Emerald but with the fame from participating he will start selling grif clients for lowlifes, and that is what he meant with i’m in it for the money…. >.>

  2. REB says:

    Jessica, in most eyes, you were the only mature, normal individual involved in this fiasco.

    You left with head held high and your class and integrity intact.

    Arabella showed her true colors to everyone. She is no better than the pre-pubescent behaving hackers she had been defending with her lies.

    Any team would be happy to have you. Smile and look towards the future.

  3. Holy Gavenkrantz says:

    Sad day indeed.
    My own selfish reasons of loss aside, I really do feel bad, for you Jessica, as I do for the moderators and other emerald support staff in the group chat. All of you have worked so hard, and put up with so much and yet you were all still there continuing to help despite the fact that the situation was taken out of your control by some very childish and juvenile actions of a few key members.
    Despite all the negativity in group chat, blogs and Sl in general you all stuck with it. You fought through it and you maintained a high level of professionalism, the like of which very seldom happens on the internet. I tip my hat and bow graciously to you all.
    I’m a scripter in SL and programmer in RL (not web programming) and if there is anything I can do to help in your future projects ( and there will be – you’re too good of a team to not move on together) please let me know. I’d be proud to be part of any team you put together, in any capacity.

  4. pefton says:

    good job copypasting internal conversations!

  5. pefton says:

    jessica is showing her true face

    • REB says:

      Yes, that she tried to save the project. Her true face is an honest one.

      Not so much can be said for the rest of the former team.

    • Sindy says:

      Yep she is. She is showing that she is a class act. The time for secrecy is over, and full disclosure is needed. Clearly Phox is talented, and brought great ideas and code to the project. However, it’s also very clear that he is young, stubborn, and has a massive chip on his shoulder. LL clearly knows who he is, and what he’s done in SL, things he’s bragged about. I was young once too. I understand it. But it’s LL’s grid, their rules, and he broke them. They have every right to place these demands, however harsh they may seem, on the project.

    • ff says:

      Oh, shut the fuck up you pathetic sycophant.

  6. Aura Sveiss says:

    If the “dev chat” was a group with several members, then she has the right to share the information. If the chat was taken from a private IM, there’s a problem. I understand you want to defend yourself, Jess, but posting this may get you into hot water. May be best to paraphrase the convo without it being verbatim chat. RE: pefton – attacking her character is not going to lend credence to your opinions. Everyone makes mistakes and she did what she felt necessary regardless of it being wrong or right. She will learn her lessons the same as every other person who has to deal with their consequences of the actions they pursue. Deal with it and get over your bias.

  7. Dave B says:

    pefton: they started the spitting contest. Arabella is so full of crap her eyes are brown. Just because some of the devs that COULD carry on the project were considering a fork, Phox throws a snit and closes off the repos so nobody can get the source and Arabella goes all “Baghdad Bob” claiming its a hostile takeover attempt. Somebody call the waaaaahmbulance.

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  9. Shepherd says:

    Well now we at least know the truth of what happened. Arabella can’t be trusted. I trust Jessica before I would trust Arabella any day. Jessica is what gave Emerald any value, not Arabella. I do not trust Arabella or Phox at all. Sorry guys but from what I have read you’re both have proven to me that you cannot be trusted. Let Emerald die so Phox can try to make money off a new viewer clearly that is their goal.

  10. Vivian H says:

    Jessica, I thank you for this.
    All Emerald vieuwers where like going crazy as they didn´t understand the formal speach and this made so much clear.

    I know how work without a normal payment is in a team. It can be hell. But it can be great too.
    The problem is that there is not a team who stands above the creators for desisions that you had to made in the team of developers.

    I hope that one day emerald will rise as a diamond, made more beautifull by the pressure it went trough the last weeks.
    The only thing I would advise is some kind of counsil wich doesn´t play secondlife, is a programmer of ´Diamond´ and makes desisions if nessesairy who leaves and who stays.

    Some may say it isn´t political correct to publish a conversation like this but at the other side there where people who woke up with such a big beng that it was good to do this to safe the faces of the people who did want to continue with Emerald.

    I wish the whole emerald team a lot of strong heart and luck in the future. Maybe the sun shines in a few days or weeks again.
    You made a great job and eventhough Emerald doesn´t live anymore the SL community still sees the impact of this great vieuwer.

    Vivian H

  11. Bob says:

    Jessica, you were the only one besides LGG that was in any way trustworthy.
    You should have got out a long time ago.
    Goodluck , and I hope you can get on to help with another viewer now that Emerald is finally dead.

  12. Carlo says:

    Yeah yeah, her true face. Phox is determined to destroy Emerald rather than step down and give it a chance at life, and you’re trying to make Jessica out to be the bad guy here? That’s funny.

  13. Jack Abraham says:

    I find Jessica’s face pretty attractive in light of this, petton. Unlike the deliberately hidden faces of the devs who bragged of their ability to break into our computers and rifle through our files, listen in on voice conversations, and use us to launch attacks on others.

  14. Nynaeve Rhapsody says:

    Well i for one am glad she posted it. I think it is fairly important that the one person with the most control over emerald now, be shown in his true light. Even with posting “internal conversations” Jessica comes across way more classy than anyone left on the emerald blog.

  15. fercryinoutloud says:

    pefton, the TOS does not cover posting conversations on the web outside of SL.

    It would appear that Jessica’s “true face” had every concern with keeping Emerald Viewer alive.

  16. Jesse Barnett says:

    Some of the users may not know my name but I know that you will recognize it as being a vocal critic of some of the technical aspects for a long time now. But I must say Jessica that you true colors HAVE shown through! It is apparent that you did care for the user base and you have been struggling the last week under the strain.

    I am hoping that you pick yourself up and move on to another project. Many people are grateful for the work you have done and will look forward to see your next contributions.

    When you look in the mire tonight, hold your head up high.
    with regards,
    Jesse Barnett

  17. Jesse Barnett says:

    EDIT: mirror, not mire

  18. John SnugglePuss says:

    Oh Jessica.

    I remember you back when you used to run vlife.

  19. Kourtnee says:

    In light of all of this – I am actually at a “I knew it” standpoint. With Phox always saying “Linden Labs just wants to kill Emerald” every so often for forum replies – It was obvious he would ruin it for everyone. Ergo, he may eat a dick, choke, and perhaps live to learn a lesson.

    Nevertheless, I look forward to Jessica, and hopefully the rest of the devs, workings on something. Perhaps LGG too! 😀

  20. Brad Pit says:

    Phox: Jessica teams up with LGG right before we ruin emerald. What a pitty. She should have stayed and watched the fireworks blow up in LL’s face.

  21. Tracey Humphreys says:

    I can’t believe what an arrogant little sh*t he is… Good for you, Jessica, standing up to the spoilt little kid.
    I hope all the decent Emerald devs go and join Imprudence.
    Emerald HAS now finally died (with a final build, made by Phox, with illegal channel spoofing built in – and no doubt with every back door, root kit and other malicious code at Phox’s disposal as well). DO NOT USE THIS VIEWER unless you are VERY stupid.
    The video on YouTube shows that Arabella fully supports Phox in the channel spoofing.

  22. Nevermind says:

    Its clear from this conversation that Phox is a complete idiot and has had a hand in emerald’s demise for some time…
    Whatever his Intentions it will never work..ever!
    Phox get a life and grow up son…obviously your one of those script kiddies up to no good…now that’s transparency for you.

  23. Alex says:

    So far as I can see, if there’s a “true face” being shown here it looks like Phox.
    @pefton: How do you know the convo was “internal” unless you were a participant?

  24. Lady_Venom says:

    I could care less about the politics. I like emerald viewer. It doesn’t lag, it has multiple attach points, and other features. Its a good viewer, hopefully it can continue in another incarnation. I think Linden is trying to shut it down because its better than viewer 2 which is a piece of crap.

    • Jim says:

      Then you should download the Emergence viewer right away. It’s Emerald cleaned out. LL is shutting out malicious idiots from invading your privacy, and abusing your machine.

  25. Lissa Maertens says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily assume that this was a private conversation. Quite frankly it looks like Phox is being a stubborn child who has decided that if they can’t play, then no one else should be able to play, either. WTG. Grow the hell up.

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  27. Dallas Innis says:

    I’m in total agreement with what Nynaeve had to say.

    It’s sad that because of one person’s selfishness all of us Emerald users are stuck with nothing to use. I’m certainly hoping that a new viewer can be in the works soon because I refuse to use the SL 2.0. Until then I guess it will be awhile before I am back on SL.

    • REB says:

      you are NOT stuck with ‘nothing to use’. Emergence is EXACTLY the same as Emerald, but with clean code. It was made by a very reputable former Emerald dev.

      Its been repeated over and over but no one listens. It was out the day Emerald started down the tubes.

      • Siani says:

        I started using this today, and I am finding it really good, I get to keep my double attachments, AND get tattoo layers, unlike with Imprudence, though that too is a good alternative.
        And it is flying along, I have found Emerald being quite slow of late, I don’t know how much this has to do with coding and such, I know nothing about code.
        But I do know about truth and honesty, and if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it sure as hell is a duck.
        Phox is quacking and waddling like a very constipated untrustworthy duck who has more than shown how little regard he has for anyone except himself.

        I am your average user, who tries to keep up by reading blogs and forums, but doesn’t have any clear understanding of the nitty gritty code details. People like me are the ones that need transparency and honesty, and the ability to trust that the developers have our best interests at heart.
        Thank you Jessica, for doing your best to provide that for us.

      • Dallas Innis says:

        I have tried emergence and it’s ok… not exactly the same… I can’t get voice and I can’t get media… but other than that it’s ok… just ok not near as good as emerald… in my opinion.

      • Starflower Bracken says:

        Not for Mac or Linux users, unfortunately.

      • PB says:

        Then you should re-install it. I have voice and media, it runs smooth as the last Emerald Betas and has all the features of them.
        It just has a bit different default settings, but you can change them to look and feel exactly like the latest Emeralds.

      • beccapet says:

        I can’t reply directly to Siani it seems, just just to note that Imprudence *does* support Alpha and tat layers.

  28. I’ll be blunt. This internal wrangling betwwen supposed adults is pathetic. The main reason that Emerald ultimately died (having survived Fractured’s attempt to murder it) is because you lead devs could not act like grown-ups. All of you.
    Some (Phox) are more guilty than others, but you presented LL with a golden opportunity to not only kill off its main competitor in the Viewer stream, but to start slowly but surely to kill off the possibilty of Third Party Viewers to access Second Life at all. In that way you have served those of us who stuck by the breakaway Emerald Team very badly.
    It may well be that Fractured’s utter amorality gave LL the means to strangle Emerald and Phox compounded it, but, in the end you are all culpable.

    I am just very sad that it came to this pass.

    • Galilla says:

      I agree with you Ayesha, the phrase “Let’s play nice now kids” kept going over and over in my mind.

      Jessica, thanks for carrying on with hopefully a better project. I just hope that someone is in charge there and the group will act like adults.

      Good luck.

  29. Jason says:

    There were a lot of people that knew all of this for a very long time now, yet they were always brushed aside when they attempted to show it to others. Myself, I am sorry this all happened even though I knew it would. I rather like Emerald and it’s interface. it has the best feature list of any viewer except 2.1. Is just a shame one person can be so stubborn, so childish as to completely kill off the project. By the way, there is more “dirt” out there but I don’t think it will be made public now. And for those that don’t know, there is a lot of other good viewers out there, but some won’t run on 10 year old iron. One of the main problems with SL, too many old computer systems and people complaining of lag and not rendering fast enough. Take care all.

  30. Kadah says:

    Even if you don’t like Emerald, this is not good. I don’t like how LL is handling this >_>;

    • Jim says:

      LL is finally doing the right thing, for a change.

    • JustOneMore Loon says:

      Congratulations LL For doing something right! Shame on the people who scream “But not 2.0″…. Snowglobe has a 1.x interface version for download. Imprudence is 1.x interfaced as is Emergence. I am so tired of people saying “LL is trying to make us use 2.0” The Snowstorm project, or whatever they call it, is clearly an admission of defeat on the 2.0 interface. Stop bitching about 2.0, download Emergence or Imprudence, and enjoy your SL. THANK YOU TO LINDEN LABS for protecting the grid and it’s users- potentially pissing off 50% of it’s user base- to protect us against those who wish to do the grid and us harm.

  31. About time says:

    Typical Phox

  32. Jessica, you did the right thing. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Emerald is turning into something no decent resident would use. You understood LL’s reasoning for their demands and honorably tried to preserve Emerald’s legitimacy.

    Let Arabella, Phox, and those left deal with the consequences of spitting in LL’s face. There’s plenty of other, well-regarded TPV projects you might want to look up, and I’d bet that LGG would welcome help on Emergence viewer if you want to retain an Emerald experience (sans developer super-egos and stupidity, of course).

  33. JeZeBeLe Dagger says:

    The Adult Community Education Society (ACES) in Secondlife, would like to cordially invite you Jessica Lyons to address and answer questions specifically about the concerns of the Emerald User base in Secondlife. I, who am not a Emerald user have been approached by many concerned people including mentors (and ex-laid-off mentors previously endorsed by Linden Labs) I would like to invite you to be a guest speaker. I also invited Arabella to join us as well hopefully on a different scheduled day. We have a 500 person userbase in our group which isn’t alot. Our first discussion “Concerns about Emerald Viewer,” had about 20 people attend of various diversity. Please consider this and contact me in world we would love to have you speak and give hope to your user base. ~ JeZeBeLe Dagger

    • Alex says:

      Sure, let’s cause just as much division and finger pointing as we can. Hasn’t there been enough infighting and controversy to suit you? Let people get past this rehashing bullshit so they can get on with new projects.

  34. All of it could have been avoided…

  35. Rainman says:

    You are looking for logic, you are dealing with Aspergers ppl who remain stubborn against logic. Brilliant but stubborn beyond common sense. Not uncommon. And not safe.

    • J says:

      Speaking as someone who has Aspergers, logic is everything to us. We don’t understand the illogical aspects of the world which is where our awkwardness stems from. We also tend to follow the rules closely and show respect for authority figures, possibly because rules provide a logical and stable framework in an otherwise chaotic world.

      • BonzoMark says:

        J hits the nail on the head. Logic is everything to us. We have trouble with interpersonal relationships because they don’t seem to follow logic. Generally speaking, we hate sitting in meetings that drag on for hours with nothing accomplished. If we have a task, we get right to the task and follow all the forms and rules associated with it. If we don’t have logic and order, we are severely hampered, sometimes to the point of total inability to function. Want to get an Aspy to do something? Explain it!

  36. JR says:

    I’d be happy to see Jessica and LGG (though I know the latter’s said on his own blog that he has no such interest,) team up to maintain Emergence as Emerald-from-the-ashes. Maybe someone can take that source code and combine it with the newest stuff from Snowglobe (a’la how Kristen’s Viewer’s maintained, but that one’s gone 2.0 so I won’t use any S20 version,) and just start again? Can LL ban any viewer that appears to use any of Emerald’s code? =-S

  37. Teren Aridian says:

    What a north end of a southern bound mule. And I am trying to be as nice as possible here. There is a good chance that LL wouldn’t kill Emerald project if this guy was to leave and yet he doesn’t. Personally I think he should be banned from Second Life perminantly. Why can their not be a new site to come out and instead of calling it Emerald, call it Ruby or Amethyst or some other gemstone. Why can yall not gather together the good “apples”, sorting out the bad ones of the bushel and just create something better? I am not trying to be hateful or tacky and I am not trying to sound like a child either but I have enjoyed Emerald sooooo much specially the secondary attachment points! It will be a sad day in my SL life when I cannot use my secondary attachment points anymore. I guess this means I will get more work done on my SL store.
    Peace out.

  38. Honey says:

    Jessica, I wonder if you’d mind answering something for me. Where is the money in Emerald? Was it intended at some point that you’d charge the users for it?

  39. unbulweaveable says:

    this drama is better than Jersey shore with top chef making a guest appearance with knives in tow…
    battle on bitches!

  40. Alastair Milneaux says:

    Jessica –

    A sad day, I’m going to miss Emerald a lot. But I think you did the right thing, both in walking away and in posting that chat. Hold your head high, as others have said.

    Phox is either a sociopath or a pimply-faced little fucktard. Or, you know, both.

    • BonzoMark says:

      Alastair, for whatever reason Phox decided to stay involved with the certain knowledge that his presence would kill Team Emerald. To an outsider (of which I am one) it would seem petty, selfish, and fatalistic. But name calling serves no real purpose. The vast majority have expressed their anguish at his refusal to act so please, if you could, just let it be. Jessica’s taking it to a new level with new safeguards. It’s back in LL’s court now.

  41. Juggernutz says:

    I am a bit confused, why don’t you just take the source code and what developers that agree with you and fork the project, happens with open source projects all the time.

    OK, you could not keep the Emerald name but honestly, I doubt that it has a lot of value after it being dragged in the mud the last several months.

    Emerald is dead but there is no reason the Emerald source code needs to die with it.

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  44. n3x15 says:

    Good job, Jess. Get Second Inventory and back up everything, though. Just in case.

  45. Well, having slept on it, I may have been harsh towards you, Jessica.
    Your only course forward now would be to take whatever useful code and ability you have in YOUR team to LordGregGreg Back’s operation and make Emergence a living and growing thing (and PRAY that LL don’t come after Emergence, Imprudence and Kirstenlee).
    Maybe that way a useful viewer will survive and thrive. Emergence is a working solution for Windoze users but lacks Linux and Mac versions, and also a future. You and those honest folk you can carry with you can give Emergence a future and breadth of appeal that it currently lacks. As far as I can see, that is the best outcome you can hope for – Emerald is dead.

  46. Viorel Daviau says:

    You pack of douches. This shit has been said for the LONGEST time about the asshats, and only NOW you believe it?


    Why is Jess making this blog? Because of the bullshit that happened with twisted words over LGG’s departure. I personally don’t fault her since her ‘co-host’ is quick to finger-point instead of just saying “look, we fucked up…now we’re fixing it”.

    …and speaking of Araheffa the big-mouthed aussie cow…how is it not shocking she sticks with Phox. At least soon we won’t have to listen to her annoying voice any longer.

    Still, you should have stuck with the one you claimed to be your friend (Greg) when he said ‘enough’. You can NOT say that wasn’t the time to do it. In fact, I think more people would have at least some respect for you.

  47. Vahn says:

    I love these absolute idiots growling at LL for this.

    LL has nothing to gain from axeing Emerald and, in fact, have a bit to lose.
    There’s a very real possibility that users (Emerald “fanboys”.. like Mac fanboys, I hate them while still loving the product) will quit SL over the issue. The smart ones will realize it’s not a huge loss to switch to another TPV.

    Just remember this, if LL wanted Emerald dead, they wouldn’t have given ModularSystems the ridiculous amount of chances they did.

    LL wouldn’t block Emerald clients without just cause.. and recent events (channel spoofing, retaining emkdu) is just cause enough.

    Get real, guys. LL aren’t saints but Emerald was given enough chances. And they continued to push LL’s buttons.

    • Alex says:

      Well spoken, Vahn….. and very true. Looks as if some of the E-team were encouraged by the fact they got to call a few Lindens by their first names and figured because of it they could be arrogant little snots and do as they damned well pleased.

      Am not much of a LL fan but am not surprised LL finally had enough and pinned Emerald’s ears back.

      Yet the Emerald team was given one more chance at redemption and certain elements in the team decided to blow that golden opportunity like a pimp on a Saturday night.

      Ah well… it takes all kinds and I guess we got ’em. 🙂

  48. JustOneMore Loon says:

    Amazing! And to think in that massive conversation that took place for hours after that useless “TPV safety” show- I got ridiculed by everyone there that I should trust JCool/Phox/Lonely and he had changed. I am disgusted that I wasted so much time talking about these things. Jessica- go work on Emergent with LGG.

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  50. Lorelei Mission says:

    Reading the conversation, what comes to my mind is, Wow, what is Phox’s age? Is this an adult whose emotional maturity is somewhere around the 14-year-old range?

  51. Judi Newall says:

    Jessica – I think you were the only one to behave with integrity and the only one to come away looking good & trustworthy. Take some time out & chill, you deserve it!

  52. Sni says:

    And the Emeraldrama goes on, two more videos released: Arabella and Phox commenting on Jessica.

  53. AA says:

    I wanted to also applaud Jessica for allowing all comments, good and bad. The same cannot be said for Arabella “Complete Transparency” Steadham.

    Between myself & a number of other people who have posted mature, respectful albeit critical comments on the Modular Systems blog, NOT ONE has been approved.

    Good riddance is all that can be said at this point.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Jess, indeed go work with LGG on emergence. But kindly consider removing the passive-automatic privacy-invasion features that tell everyone on your contacts list that you are inworld, whether you want solitude or not.

    I can turn my cell phone or home phone off any time I choose, and for whateer reason I choose, and I would not use an email program that would broadcast my online status to everyone on my contacts list. Second Life viewers shouldn’t, either.

  55. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    You should gather the honest and good people and go see if LGG wants some partners 🙂

    And this time, just in case, make it a rule that everyone must keep updated backups of all the important codes, data, files etc in their own machine, so even if the main online repository goes to hell, nothing is lost

  56. Sueti says:

    Ignoring the current argument, I support loon’s Idea! Since it is LordGregGreg intent to not update the emergance viewer any farther and seeing it is a clean version of the emerald viewer we all love. I ask Jessica to put her team back together and contact LordGregGreg. Maybe he will let you pick up the Emergance Viewer and carry on the great work that had been a part of the Emerald Viewer (you may want or need to rename the viewer or not). It would be a great starting point and a way to save a viewer we all love! We would then enjoy the wait as I hope you would move it into the snowstorm project. Here’s all but begging :}

  57. Melvin says:

    Thanks for trying to save emerald… loved it with all his features.. im sorry it ended with all this drama…

    will see what the future will bring…

  58. Sueti says:

    LoL! looking at my last post – Thank you Jessica! As I watch Emerald die I see a Phoenix Viewer Rising!

  59. Angel says:

    For anyone that is interested there is some rather interesting voice recordings from the 1st September 2010.

    Found on you tube (already posted on the emerald forum)

    It is good to know that even though i don’t personally use the emerald viewer because another viewer gives me better performance I would say that anyone trusting the Emerald viewer needs to wake up.

    Also see the links for the End of Emerald Part 1 and Part 2

    So my opinion doesn’t count for much here but it is plainly obvious that Phox and certain other members don’t give two hoots about the viewer, SL, or any of the people in it.

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  61. nitz says:

    Seriously, I’m happy you’re taking over the project but was it needed? I mean, why did you care to have this conversation or better yet, post it on a blog. This is asking for more drama, nothing else, it kinda feels like a mistake to copy and paste some log and have people argue about it.

    Phox clearly is mad at Linden Lab as probably many of the other developers are too, you made it sound like a personal problem or something. The “money thing” was an unhappy attempt to be sarcastic. Being an egoist bastard or not this post is totally irrelevant.

    Emerald is dead, get the source code, make it better, release it and also make sure to do it without the same mistakes the previous developers group have done. Make it without drama, transparent to the end user and trustworthy.

    Forget about Phox, forget about Emerald, forget about all this drama, it’s your and your teams own project and look forward to it’s future, never ever look back 🙂

    Good luck

  62. JayBee Thespian says:

    Jessica, It’s obvious that alot of drama has been shoveled at all involved, and you were in no way a willing participant in the slinging of mud. You were catching a whole load of flack in this and you did what you thought was necessary. Many users who used Emerald before this fiasco enjoyed using Emerald, but for the past Month, Emerald crashed, was buggy, and didn’t retain the hearty usefulness it once had. Now some of the issues could trace back to our (and the inner smart@## comes out) Friendly Neighborhood Lindens screwing with everything.

    What you and your team have done is make a viewer based on the dependable viewer of the days gone by. I applaud you all for quickly developing a viewer under the pressure cooker this past couple of weeks have been. We users can work and be patient while refinements are made and published. Until then, Keep up the good work.

    As for any comments about the situation, I believe enough have said their peace without me entering the fray. My time is for enjoying my Second Life through a dependable Viewer.

  63. Youra Misfit says:

    This is exactly what LL did to the slexchange they basically strong armed control of it, offfered the creators nothing, and stole everything they did. Only in this case they got a nice puppet to take the reigns for them. I can understand anyone standing up for what they worked for, its not right to cut someone from a project they worked hard on, why should they just step aside? And who cares if he wants money, I’d want money to if someone was just going to take my work. Taking the project has nothing to do with saving it at all, it’s about being a hero that saved it. Why couldn’t you just keep talking until LL’s deadline, maybe you could have had the entire group oust him instead of you going by yourself to decide for everyone involved.

  64. TigroSpottystripes Katsu says:

    Btw, i have the impression Arabella might have been caught in a pr storm, at first trying to help and defend an organization she had grew fond of (and at some point even been hired to represent), people she thought she could trust etc, and as things got worse she was gradually boiled without noticing eventually finding herself in a spot where whatever she did it would look bad, and with screwups like Phox fanning the flames she eventually went down with the ship´.

    But i dunno, i haven’t been following these happenings all that throughly, what i remember from the times i spent around Arabella is she is strong minded, but does have her heart in the right place, or at least that is the impression that i got, and my impressions don’t always live up to reality….

  65. the admirable chrighton says:

    The point about the money is not loston me. It seems obvious to me your reference alludes to the gemini ban relay system which means somewhere in the background you still have your finger in the pie

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