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  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. Concerned and Encouraging says:

    Just saw your notice. I am sorry you all are going through this. You are all fantastic people who have given us so much. I hope you bring out a new viewer soon. I am assuming that if LL wanted the resignation of this person who would not step down… they don’t trust them. So I am guessing they know more about them than we do. I guess its time to leave emerald.

    Thank you for a great run! And please let me know if you plan on a new viewer!

  3. Tillie Ariantho says:

    My bad. So why not just give it a new name and restart from scratch? LGG did a first step for that. Would just be too sad if all the features we got with Emerald would vanish.



  4. Velcon Ethaniel says:

    Please make a new viewer! I absolutely love emerald and I am sad that all of this crap is happening to it…and people can’t seem to get a long!


  5. janellem capalini says:

    *sighs* Well there is no viewer that compares to Emerald as of now… maybe time to hang up SL… snowglobe compares to when I started Secondlife in 2007, not going backwards and viewer 2.0…. well no comment on that viewer. Hopefully, you will seriously consider picking up where the Emerald viewer left off… hate to see a great viewer just go away. =(

  6. Charlie Fox says:

    I have tried just about every viewer out there and I agree Emerald gave me the most enjoyable SL experience of them all. Yes, it is just my opinion, but backed up by the numbers using it too. I will be following this blog and hoping to see a “New” version of the Emerald viewer, with the features I am used to using. Hope you can make it happen soon. You have my vote for pressing on.

  7. Samarra says:

    Jessica, thank you for being open, honest, and transparent. Although I truly hate to see Emerald go in the direction it has … I sincerely hope you will continue with *a viewer* project. None of what LL asked for seems to be unreasonable imho. That being said, I look forward to using any viewer you are involved with. Please continue or start another viewer, you can do it. Good luck! Hugzzz

  8. DraggerLok says:

    Are you aware that you are being accused of a “takeover”?
    “- The primary issue that resulted in the demise of Emerald was the attempted and failed takeover of the project, far in advance of any requirements deadline set by Lindenlab. This hostile takeover was initiated by Jessica Lyon.”
    Posted this morning:

  9. i ma enraged that emerald is going away i am hopeing you folks will make a new one cause honestly viewer ttwo sucks i am sorry for your troubles and for some people being childish i hope this gets worked out


  10. stace says:

    hi jessica,
    i sincerely hope you continue your develpoment under another viewer name.
    i refuse to throw stones at anyone including the other side. Simply because you hear and read so much about it, they say this that person says that. unless i can see, hear or expirience it at first hand i wont pick a side on this matter.
    you were all friends at one time, before the ….. hits the fan. So i’m sure you have good memories to, so treasure them. Friendships come and go all the time even dear ones sadly.
    In my opinion the one and only name suitable if you choose to continue your development viewerwise would be “Phoenix” just like the mythical bird, rizzen from the ashes emerald left behind.
    Sadly it had to come to an end,
    emerald…… gone, but not fogotten.
    ty for all the years of hard work making sl a better expirience fo all its users.
    best regards,
    annuska, aka stacy Wytchwood

  11. Daineal Ashden says:

    I loaded the latest Emerald viewer and as it crashes on startup I nearly hung up SL… but now I know there will be/is another great viewer out there I am looking forward to logging in again. Gosh I feel for you guys having your initial project nailed like that and sincerely wish you all the best with Phoenix

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