My Resignation from Emerald

Dated: Sept 1st, 2010 1:15 EST.

It is with great sadness and disappointment that I write this entry.

As of some time this morning, all access to the servers have been severed to all but Arabella Steadham and Lonely Bluebird. Neither me, nor any of the other Emerald Developers have the ability to put out releases at this time. Beyond the recent beta 2587, we also cannot certify the safety or validity of any future releases.

Now, I made a promise to everyone to disclose the remaining requirements from LL. Those final two requirements that were given to us by LL, was to have a release out by Friday September the 3rd that would not support emkdu or llkdu even if one of the files was present, and that Lonely Bluebird, Skills Hak and Discrete Dreamscape be removed from the project. The alternative was that LL would block the viewer from access to the SecondLife Grid. While Discrete and Skills gracefully stepped down, Lonely refused. A long argument ensued in dev chat and, I created a new dev chat, where most of us discussed how we could remove Lonely from the project, however it failed. Ultimately Lonely has removed access to the servers and has also stated that he is applying for trademark on the Emerald Viewer name. Preventing us from continuing on the project without him. < Correction, I’m informed it wasn’t Lonely but rather Fractured who applied for the trademark. >

Unless circumstances change, in my opinion, the Emerald Viewer Project is dead. We simply cannot achieve a release by the deadline given to us under the current circumstances.

Without access to the server and website, I am forced to make a very difficult decision as I will not allow myself to be held accountable to anything that happens from this day on in regards to Emerald.

With that said, I here by officially resign from the Emerald Viewer Project.

I no longer have access to post on the modular systems blog, so I have created a temporary personal blog here . It will be on this blog where I will post future developments with myself and possibly the remaining Emerald Developers. We are considering, (only considering) the possibility of creating a new viewer, to be on the TPVD, picking up where Emerald left off. IF we do, you will have the same features as Emerald Viewer. The motivation for this would be purely to give the existing loyal Emerald users a TPVP compliant alternative with a fresh future.

I would like to thank, all of our dedicated and loyal users for your support through these difficult and confusing times. I would also like to thank our support team, for all of their hard work and relentless dedication to the emerald viewer project and to helping our users. Also to thank our beta testers who helped Emerald viewer be a quality product.

Jessica Lyon.

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133 Responses to My Resignation from Emerald

  1. Richardjrn Weatherwax says:

    if ya do make a new emerald i will switch to it straight away as theres no way i wanna be on a viewer where a dev could just do what lonely did (if u get what i mean cause i dont :S) feel free to IM me on sl *shurgs*

  2. Chavi says:

    I am so sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you’ll be able to form a new team! All the best and thanks for all your great efforts!


  3. Raelyn Nostram says:

    I would gladly follow you into a new viewer. I hate Viewer 2 and will not use it. Please keep us updated on anything you and the rest of the team come up with. THank you for all the work you did.

  4. BethAnne Muircastle says:

    I have continued using Emerald through all of the recent developments, but now I am left feeling a bit jilted. Please create a new TPV – I’m sure I am only one of many who would use it.

  5. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    Good luck, Jessica.. I’m sure you have some loyal and usefull devs that will join you and I’m even more sure that you have a bunch of loyal users who would love to switch to your new viewer once you release it. Emerald has so many features that I love (and have come to need).

  6. Edward Starsmith says:

    “Sad Now” just doesn’t cut it.

    I hope all the Emerald haters are happy now.

    • Sindy says:

      Edward Starsmith “I hope all the Emerald haters are happy now.”

      And by Emerald Haters, you mean Phox?

      It’s the arrogance and poor behavior of a couple of the developers that killed the Emerald project. When called on their behavior, they decided to give LL the finger. At least Fractured left gracefully. LGG had the guts to expose it and left because what Phox was doing was WRONG.

      The core of what Emerald was will continue under a new name as a new project. It just won’t have the bad apples on the team. Don’t get me wrong, they were talented, but misguided.

      • Sorina Garrigus says:

        I am not sure of the timing but I thought I saw in the blog above that Fractured applied for a trademark for the Emerald Viewer. Sounds like perhaps he was trying to take it back.

        I do have to say LL should have consider extending said deadline given the drama of late. Not for the sake of the Emerald devs that were having fits but for the huge number of residents that relied on the viewer.

        I do hope some spin off project happens. But DEFINITELY have any devs that work on it not be tainted. I would suggest having the former Lindens that joined the Emerald team before the drama bomb went off as point people. I believe they would be more trusted and also have good inside information on how SL works. Also be leary of any dev that has the attitude of seeking fame in SL. That is an old story in SL and a pathetic one. Before the last couple weeks I never heard the names of Fractured, lonley bird, and as I see they skipped any SL “fame” and jumped right to infamy. Character and reputation is everything in any business or project. Lose the lowlifes and make the best viewer yet! I for one have been waiting for a while to see what the now former Emerald devs would do with the disaster that was viewer 2.0

        Maybe a good name for the spin off viewer could be Diamond. 🙂

  7. Morgana Nagorski says:

    What a pity to see Emerald go.
    It will be sorely missed.

  8. Jessica you are a class act. You really are. When I spoke to you at the interview sunday night I knew you were a real leader and someone that we could put faith into. Whatever you do, whether it be create a new viewer or just start using another TPV. Please let us know. Or at least me. I’d rather go and use a viewer you trust than one you resign from.

  9. Dawn says:

    Does that mean that the Emerald veiwer will no longer be able to be used for 2ndlife?
    I have always used Emerald….dont particually care much for the Viewer 2 of 2ndLife

    • Sorina Garrigus says:

      2.0 isn’t the only option even for LL official viewers. You can still use viewer 1.23. I am temporarily using the Imprudence Viewer hoping for better options later on.

  10. Jack Abraham says:

    Jessica, thanks for making this known. A sad end to good software, brought down by bad people. Perhaps you can fork.

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  12. Susanna Denimore says:

    I don´t understand whr the Emerald must die. The 2587 (Beta) is even better than the LL viewer in the latest version. Whit the 2.0-Viewer i crash sometimes with this 2587 not so often.

  13. Dead? But it works fine and ppl who uses SL 2.0 are always unhappy ad asking how to upload a texture, how to do this and that….

  14. Richardjrn Weatherwax says:

    please make a new viewer cause when emerald gets banned by LL i dont wanna be on V2 for long :S *gives jessica a hug to help cheer her up*

    • Harvey Kolokowski says:

      I imagine by this point that you are sick of all of this mess and just need a break. That’s understandable but i sincerely hope you move forward and create a new viewer. Emerald’s success is evident. It’s a shame some of the devs couldn’t have rested on their laurels and instead choose to usurp the viewer as a means to advance their own agenda. You were asked to meet a series of requirements and you attempted to do just that. The fact that one of the people that LL asked to be removed took the server hostage effectively denying their ability to work on the project speaks volumes about their nature. Thank you for your integrity and I wish you the best in the future.

    • Sorina Garrigus says:

      Why do people keep thinking Viewer 2.0 is the only other option? It’s not at all. The old 1.23 is still available and other third party viewers as well.

  15. Innula Zenovka says:

    Thanks, Jessica, for everything. I am so sorry to hear this; as Jack says, it’s a sad end. I wish you and the other honest devs every success in future projects, and sincerely hope you can either create a new project from the ashes of the old one or feel able continue to make SL so much more an enjoyable place with some of the other TPVs.

    All the best, whatever you decide.

  16. Jocelyn Pawpad says:

    reposted from the modular systems site –

    Together we stand, united we fall. How apt. Because as of this moment a serious question mark is hanging over my ability to access the grid. I’ve tried a number of different viewers and only Emerald has been able to consistently deliver on a reliable experience. I know for fact I am not the only person this applies to.

    I shall keep the browser. In the absence of any other viewer that affords me the ease of acess, I must now consider my options. Sadly it would seem that going to open grid is the most viable of options. Again, I know I will not be alone in this. People will drift on to other viewers of course, maybe there might even be a fork in the wind that proves useful to my ability to login to SL, but this episode has I am afraid given me cause to cast about elsewhere for my in-world experiences. Granted, it will be a step down from the robustness of my current experience, but whut I lose there will I think be more than adequately compensated for in other fields… like a more open and honest dialogue with whomever manages the grid I finally settle on.

    Que sera sera. But you know, I for one am used to the attitudes expressed by the community known as SL and for my part I can wish it well, even if it proves I must leave it behind me for something more in keeping with my in-world experience.

    Oh, and one other thing – to the dev who refused to leave, I must say this: Fractured Crystal walked away from the project in order to assure its success. Two other of your compatriots also stepped down when required to do so. You on the other hand…

    I’m not going to get into a debate on the ethics or lack thereof of the LL request. What I will say however is that they made it a requirement and you have refused. This will ultimately cost 50% of the SL grid their preferred client. It is ironic to think that your decision to remain a dev will ultimately cost you the project anyway, for in the end LL will remove its ability to log in, effecting their desire to keep you from continuing with the project.

    The difference being of course that if you HAD acquiesced to their demand, the crushing majority of SL citizens who use Emerald might still have their preferred viewer.

    “Thanks a lot”. I don’t mind telling you that I think your decision ill-advised and not in the spirit of those who knew when to call it quits.

  17. pefton says:

    fractured applied for the trademark months ago

  18. Rane Tomorrow says:

    I read your note with sadness as I love Emerald as do many others in sl, as you can see from the Emerald Viewer chat…..carry on the good work if possible with the other dev’s and I hope to see a new version soon 🙂

  19. Adeon Writer says:

    Score one for the dramatards. 😐

  20. Riku Highfield says:

    I would instantly be on whatever new viewer you would create assuming that it had al;l of Emerald’s features. Screw Lonely and Fractured. They are not necessary.

  21. Silent Orfan says:

    Jessica, thank you very much for all the hard work!
    it’s very painful to see a great project come to a grinding halt, while many people actually started hoping again…
    i’m sure that many people would love to see Emerald being given a rebirth in a completely linden-compliant version. if there’s a way, please don’t let all the excellent work be wasted.

  22. Chance G. says:

    I wish you the best in your life moving forward, and thank you for making a great viewer. Let’s hope a new and “clean” viewer will come out of this. HUGS!

  23. Hitomi Tiponi says:

    I am sorry it has come to this. I think you have behaved so well and tried your hardest for the Emerald community Jessica – I hope something good comes out of this for you and the faithful users.

    For those of you that wish to use an approved TPV after Emerald (which is sure to be banned from connecting soon after this mutiny from within) you might like to refer to

    • Jocelyn Pawpad says:

      Hitomi: I know all about the TPV directory but stop and think for a minute and you’ll see *exactly* why I am not rushing to it. I see a lot of fingers being pointed at Phox and Fractured, what I *don’t* see is any fingers being pointed at Linden Labs, which is strange I think considering their part in all of this.

      You might remember the email Phillip Linden sent out to all LL users. The email was a rather deceptive document (if not an outright lie) because it stated emphatically that Linden Labs were working with the Emerald devs to bring the viewer back to third party compliance. Today we see that “working with” is defined as “demanding certain people step out of the development team”.

      I do not see how you can say you are “working with” someone when you are in effect telling them to bugger off. For that matter, I fail to see how inviting people to walk from the product in favour of competing services constitutes “working with” someone either.

      And that’s whut it really boils down to here. I knew from that email that Emerald was a goner. Now I have as concrete and irrefutable proof as is available that the people providing the server platform I yet access as untrustworthy. That they lied by sin of omission means little – in the end, they lied.

      I am told I ought not trust Emerald, yet I am supposed to trust Linden Labs? Just how odious does my in-world experience need to get before I reluctantly conclude that Linden Labs itself is possibly NOT the best option at my disposal for in-world enjoyment?

      • EC says:

        I think LL’s behavior in general is a given, so people are less likely to bring it up, it’s like pointing out the sky is blue.

        Regardless of LL’s handling of things, along with their underlying motivations, it doesn’t excuse Phox and Fractured handing them the opportunity on a golden platter – which is exactly what they’ve done. It’s due to *their* immaturity and inability to refrain from their e-peen wars, ultimately, that Emerald is going goodbye.

        It is a shame that not all three developers could step down here, doing so would hardly take away from their previous contributions and such to Emerald. On the contrary, the one’s refusal I’d say does pretty much negate the contributions, not only of himself but all others(past and present) on the dev team. Hence part of the reason why it’s so selfish.

        Anyways, for those not wanting to use LL’s Viewer 2.0, besides the TPV list, you should still be able to connect with LL’s viewer 1.23 as well, at least for now –

        I do hope/pray that the former Emerald devs can rebrand and release a new viewer, continuing with their contributions to the Emerald Viewer’s greatness. I assure they’ll be back to 50% of all log-ins to SL in no time. The other 3rd party viewers are too far behind the curve(and yes, I know damm well LL is banking on this as well)

      • Adam says:

        Jocelyn: LL said in that email that they were in touch with the Emerald team to figure out what has to happen next. They didn’t state or even imply that that meant that certain members of the team wouldn’t be asked to leave. As a matter of fact, Phillip stated outright that one of the possible outcomes was LL pulling the plug on the viewer..which did not happen (even though it might yet).

        They didn’t say they were going to work with each and every individual member of the team with the goal of keeping the project together.

        That email made it clear that the Emerald team was in trouble, and LL held true to their word.

  24. Eli Wellesley says:

    Just wanna join the many others who supported the Emerald viewer and hope you’re able to work it out and create a new viewer that SL will accept…let me know… I’ll be among the first to switch. I also agree with many others who stated that Viewer 2 SUX and I will not use it. Hurry back, Jessica!

  25. Stone Taggart says:

    Hey. Let’s snag a copy of the latest source code and then set up a new website that gives access to all the devs except lonely bluebird. Then we can announce that emerald is over here now. If you did it, Jessica, it would work.

  26. JustOneMore Loon says:

    Jessica- Considering there is already a build of Emerald that has been completed by an ex member of the dev team and a public repository already exists- perhaps it’s time for the upstanding ex-Emerald developers to reach out and mend the fences and let Red be the new Green?

    • linn says:

      Yay.. .i have to agree with you JustOneMore, a Jessica and LGG joint viewer based on the Emerald code would be awsome. Jessica…. in a rather short talk we had some weeks ago you gave me the impression that you was not a stranger to work with LGG on a project again…. you go girl :))

  27. That is deeply saddening. I’ll continue to use my 1.5.0 build on my Mac until either LL threatens to terminate access, or, better, something arises form the ashes.

    If something does arise from the ashes, please consider contacting me as a possible Mac support/developer. I’ve some Mac development experience, and about 12 years under my belt doing technical support.

    Best of luck to all of you!

  28. Kitsune Lassiter says:


    I am so sorry it has come to this especially after all the work you and Arabella have put in the last few weeks. Please let me know if I am able to help with a future release of a different viewer. Second Life cannot afford to be without a viewer like Emerald. Neither can we the users.

  29. Kaz Nayar says:

    Wow thats pretty selfish of Lonely… What was the point of that? I hope you guys do start up another viewer, it sucks to see Emerald go.

  30. Betsy Sapphire says:

    I really hope you will make another viewer our household loves it and it’s a shame something like this had to happen.

  31. Carl Landfall says:

    Damn, Im deeply sorry to heard that, I try many others viewers nothing came close to Emerald, Viewer 2 is the worst of them , I cant live my SL live without a good viewer like Emerald so please (im on my knees) create a good version of it, im sure everybody will use it :).

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  33. Skiler says:

    I wish to thank you and the entire Emerald development team, as well as the support staff for all your hard work and dedication that went in to helping improve the user experience. It has not been without great appreciation. I want to thank you and the team, and wish you great success on your future endeavors.

  34. Dilly Dawes says:

    I think that the group as a hole has been tainted. It was a good choice for you to part ways. Please let us all know if your going to be involved in a different viewer

  35. Beq Janus says:

    I would like to thank the Emerald team for putting up with all the crap that they have and for trying to do that right thing. “Lonely” will clearly say that way.

    There are a number of ways forward from here and I hope that those of the team who still have the desire to proceed will organise a new project and there will be a phoenix seen rising form the ashes of Emerald.

    While there was some clear reasoning behind the Linden Labs requirements at least part of it was motivated at disrupting the public viewers that were showing the Linden V2 viewer for what it was. An ill-conceived, poorly implemented beast. Removing emkdu and llkdu was unreasonable. Ensuring that it is not loaded by default even if present. Making the DSO user selectable and allowing the user complete control of the decoder they wish to use would have been the correct attitude. LL sought only to punish and penalise in that specific requirement.

    However it was the personal pride, for the lack of a better term, of certain members of the team that finally killed the project and it is very sad that it has ended this way.

    Take care Jessica and all the best for the future, I for one will be watching for any news of your next venture.


  36. Reyfer Kawanishi says:

    Thank you Jessica, for everything. And I will follow you and the other devs on a new TPV

  37. Lunellaa Destiny says:

    Good luck Jessica, much love you didn’t fail anyone you did your best. I’ll be the first to promote a new viewer with you involved.

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  39. Brandon Hayek says:

    i would love to see your work continue on. the new v2 based viewer are horiable and hard to work with and a viewer that makes 2 easy to accidently return your whole region is one that i don’t want to work with.

  40. BiggnBlessed says:

    Me and my wife are behind you 100% if you do come out with a new one and I hope you do We will follow you as soon as we know its there.. As far as a name may I suggest The Peoples Viewer.

  41. Isa Aristocrat says:

    It is a shame that emerald is closing down, though i do support the whole idea that there might be another different viewer up and running that you will be maybe working on.
    I have become reliant on emerald that its become a wonderful viewer that i forgot what the second life viewer looked like.

    I can only hope that lonely has sleeping problems at night because of his actions we all have to watch emerald and its developers die, he had to be selfish about it..and its a shame.

    Keep up the good work Jess we do appreciate it many of us prefer emerald over SL.

  42. scifiguy says:

    Jessica – I’m sorry to hear about all the drama. I hope there’s a way they can work things out. if not, I’d be happy to move to your new endeavor.

    I wonder how LL has the power to tell you guys (an independent company?) who can be on the projects and why they’d tell you to remove certain people. I wouldn’t dream of asking you that though because it would be inappropriately nosy 🙂

    • Siana Gearz says:

      Easy, because Emerald team has agreed to comply with TPVP in order to be allowed on the SecondLife network with their viewer. Now Lindens ruled that a few of team members are in direct violation of TPVP policy that all developers have to have no banned accounts and be in good standing. Basically, Lindens don’t have to let any third party software on their network, it’s a privilege.

      Sure, whatever people can develop whatever program. It can be even useful for other network, like OpenSim based ones – each of those have their own rules as to what is allowed and what is not allowed there. You can even run a standalone simulation on your computer and set all the rules you like there.

  43. Wolfiet says:

    PLEASE go ahead with making a new viewer. I cant run anything else. If emerald is gone, I’m out of SL for good. I’m behind you all the way here! go for it!

  44. Huntercub Sumbula says:

    I am so tired of LL screwing over their users at every turn. If they decide to ban emerald view I would be more then happy to discontinue my use of SL all together. I am tired of paying an unfriendly company to do nothing but screw over everyone they are supposed to be serving and supporting. I can’t believe that LL would again do something in such a disgusting manner. I am tired of funding their madness.

  45. Rollo says:

    I’m with ya if you do start a new one! and i Really hope yall do!

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  47. NachtWolf says:

    Well i love emerald and wont use any other but if u and the fellow devs make a new viewer then i will gladly change over till then i need to hope that LL dont block emerald from logins as till a new viewer is out i will not be on SL if its not with emerald any other viewer i tried sucks or dont have what i need to enjoy my SL such as RLV its sad to see emerald go but also nice to see you still care about the user and willing to try at a new viewer and for that We Thank You

    So till a new viewer is out prays emerald is not blocked

  48. Sienna Bellios says:

    Jessica, thank you and the rest of the developers who tried so hard to clean up this mess and of course to the support team who have done such an excellent job and put up with so much …abuse..over the last few weeks. Speaking only for myself, I trust you implicitly and should you decide to create a new viewer, I would be thrilled. Best of luck in whatever you do.

  49. KiraW says:

    I am sorry to see this happening, while I was probably a vocal opponent to Emerald in some features it had and with some team aspects it had. I feel bad that Emerald is rather shutting down. I like many even some of those that didn’t use Emerald for long, am at one point happy, but also sad as this impacts all TPVs not just Emerald now. I would hope that LL had planned things better, I can understand LL wanting to cut some of the development team that have questionable backgrounds with various controversial issues. But to force it like an all of a sudden cutting… was way wrong.

    Well any ways, I would like to wish the Emerald devs that remained and you in particular Jessica, good luck on your future endeavors.

  50. JustOneMore Loon says:

    Why is everyone acting like V2 is the only option. Snowglobe is out there with a 1.x interface and updated functionality. There are other TPV’s also: Purple, Red….. Viewer 2 is not the only other choice.

    • Jocelyn Pawpad says:

      Actually, I’ve already tried a good many viewers before this. So far the only viewer I’ve found to satisfy my requirements is…

      (hint: its named after a gemstone)

  51. Flax Westland says:

    When you do make a new viewer (I’m hoping for “when” rather than “if”): for heaven’s sake, aggressively solicit donations and/or sell advertising! People are willing for pay for something good.

  52. Best of everything to you, Jessica. I thought you did a very good job of representing the Emerald team over the last two weeks. I’m sure you will find success and your next project (and anything else you put your mind to.)

  53. Wayfinder says:

    I don’t know exactly what happened at Emerald (the rumors are fast and furious). I have just one question in this matter:

    Why are the ones responsible still out on the streets instead of sitting in some FBI hole somewhere? What is wrong with Linden Lab and the rest of the Emerald staff that they just let people get away with garbage like this?

    And we wonder why hackers (the bad ones) laugh at society? This would be why.

    • Jocelyn Pawpad says:

      Ever think it might have something to do with the FBI seeing far more worthwhile activities to involve themselves with? These events that we are all so invested in an have so much riding on are tenuous and possibly even seen as spurious to an outsider. I’m sorry, but if I step back from the entire argument, that is what I see.

      I could be wrong here, but the simple fact that no real life law enforcement agency is prepared to step in and redress the situation means the situation is being drummed up to be worse than it is. And you know, its fine if that’s the case. Linden Labs has far more to lose out of this than everyone else here, but its THEY who get to carry the can, so to speak.

      If they’ve judged the fallout to be worth their decision to act in the manner that they have, then good for them – they are providing the service after all. But noone can compel the FBI to see it Linden Labs way and it wouldn’t make any difference even if they could.

    • Sven Hyx says:

      to answer your question (Why are the ones responsible still out on the streets instead of sitting in some FBI hole somewhere?): i would imagine most of the team could be comprised of member of the international community – you know, past the borders of the US of A? (sorry for that bit of sarcasm, but although a valid spirit of question there is a bigger picture to consider)

      Maybe it’s time for rest and respect for both sides – yes both (ex) emerald and Linden Labs: the dev team to gather their thoughts and composure in this trying time and Linden Labs to calm down too. LL is justified in being worried and pissed off for their system being abused and imho have the right to have their wishes met (as the Emerald team tried to do!). You can say whatever you want about LL but the metaverse we spend our time in is still their property and thus they have every right to set the rules (Most will remember the words “you will do what I say under my roof” or something similar from their parents or even uttered the same to their own children). This is just reality…

      I’m sad to see Emerald go down this way though! I’m sure a new viewer will arise from the ashes though (Ruby Phoenix Viewer?). What I don’t want to see is that one team claims “copycat” to the other (of course there will be that, even other viewers have taken some of Emerald’s features). If the old team decides to work on a new viewer it should have new ideas too. So my advice is to keep thinking and working together but don’t rush!

    • Jim says:

      While some of the the actions by members of the Emerald team were clearly illegal, I don’t think any law enforcement agencies will become involved without at least one official complaint registered.

      I am not aware of anyone actually contacting the FBI or any other organization. What I’m more surprised about is the lack of a class-action lawsuit. But then again, maybe there’s no money to be squeezed, even as punity damages, and therefore those affected see little point. Or maybe they’re just happy the criminals have been exposed. In a social world, social justice is sometimes even more harsh. Still, I would have liked to have seen a guilty verdict, a record of Internet crimes, and something like 6 months of probabation just so that it’s there on the record in case these people didn’t learn their lesson.

      By the way, none of my comments refer to Jessica, as I feel she’s one of the few that tried to do the right thing all along. (She was just surrounded by idiots.)

  54. Miro Collas says:

    Sad day indeed! Others have said what I wanted to say, and better. So I’ll just say this:

    IF you, Jess, decide to become part of a new viewer project, a fork, or whatever, then count me in, and I’d like to offer my services as beta tester, as I was with Emerald.

    [HUGGS] Hang in there!

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  56. Sashspires says:

    iam hope you would create a new “emerald2 but in case not then is here alot of emrald users that already has start converting to imprudence so maybe could just in case that you no not able to start up there start acooperation with imprudence.but irelay hope that you and the other devs want to mak that other Emerald

  57. Nynaeve Rhapsody says:

    I have been following all of what has been going on, and through all of it you have been an absolute class act. It’s a shame now they are trying to throw you under the bus after all you did to try and keep people believing in the project. I hope you and LGG and the other good devs all get together and put out something amazing.

    • Calleja says:

      i wholeheartedly 2nd this!! and wouldn’t it be nice to make a new viewer, and shove it in LL’s face when you get those numbers again, saying, try as you might, the will of the people will be heard!! or some kinda movie-esque thing like that lol. i will def be keeping an eye out for something from you and all the rest of the ex-devs, i sure hope you decide to go the way of a new viewer, it would be such a waste to not 😦

  58. sash spires says:

    there can be many reasons for that
    to get hacker behind bars you need enough profs to get a judge to convicting.
    and what seems offiously for us outside then it not always so easy for the police.

    it can be your safety that the police not just can send you to behind bars and then throwing the key’s away. but ofcouse irritating/frustrating when it us that are the victims

  59. Jessica. If you decide to developed a new viewer I offer myself, skills, and abilities to assist you in the development of this new viewer. I have skills that I know will be beneficial to the development of a new viewer. Please contact me!

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  62. Ilsa Hesse says:

    Jessica, I put my trust in you that you are making the correct decision. please know that many people respect your work and hope for a continued product of some sort.

  63. Adeon Writer says:

    Jessica, I hope you don’t give up in Viewer development. Your levelheadedness and open honestly was one the only thing that kept me with Emerald. You are born to lead. Good luck with whatever you do next.

  64. Wayfinder says:

    I do want to offer my sympathies again to those on the Emerald project who were blindsided by this. It’s shameful. It is also a good lesson for all involved in public projects: it may be volunteer, but there is still a need for proper security and code checking.

    Regarding the “FBI” thing… that was just an illustrative concept. Whether it’s the FBI, or local law enforcement (abusive hacking IS a crime), or the Department of Homeland Security (which now has intense jurisdiction over computer crimes)… the guys responsible for this should not be free. A phone call is made, the police get a search warrante, they raid the house, the equipment confiscated, the guy goes off in handcuffs… and spends the next couple of weeks trying to explain why he has illegal redbook material all over his computer system.

    The alternative… is to just let these guys walk free so that others get the idea this is acceptable activity– and they can do so with impunity. That’s really one of the reasons griefers have walked all over LL for years… because the company has been so wishy-washy in dealing with them.

    I’m just throwing this out there. Not trying to soapbox or pound a podium. But I worked computer security for years… and the rule was, someone hacks, someone goes to jail.

  65. Jessica, as a loyal Emerald user, I’m looking forward to the next build of your new project (no “ifs” here: I — ALL of us — wish the *best* of what Emerald was to continue, and we support your leadership in taking it into the future, under a new name if necessary).

    Please do keep us apprised!

    *Best wishes,*


  66. Aryna says:

    To Jessica and the other devs who left:

    Please don’t let this episode mean the end. Lord Greggreg was able to resurrect the viewer i will no longer use (emerald) under his own brand but states he will not make any improvements to it. PLEASE PLEASE get the rest of the honest devs together and carry on with this project, I sooooo loved this viewer i can’t bear the thought of using sl without it. I will be the first to download it if you do! Let”Project Phoenix” be born!!! =) And screw Phox, a trademark is worthless if noone wants to use your product, one thing i will never do again if HIS name is associated with it.

  67. Noisey says:

    All our hopes are belong to you now grrl.

  68. Aura Sveiss says:

    After hearing of the DDoS attack and watching the broadcast of Arabella and Jess, I was told about Emergence. This is a neutral web blog, and cannot be touched by LL or Emerald for mentioning other viewers. Emergence was created by a former Emerald dev, and runs just like Emerald did before the issues. I have searched the program files for the emkdu.dll and llkdu.dll files and just as a precaution, deleted them. That, however, is the extent of my technical abilities. 🙂 Emergence can and does connect to SL, I’m on it each and every day and it functions perfectly. It is not on the TPV list, since it was never requested to be approved or denied by LL. Far as I know, it never will be. It’s a temp viewer option with none of the dramatic hassle. You can look it up or you can contact me inworld for a notecard of possible viewers you can use to connect to SL that have been passed through many groups so far. I don’t know how long it will last for connecting to SL but for now, it works. I believe Emerald will be blocked now by LL for Lonely pulling this stunt, and I am none to sad to get away from it. I would LOVE to see someone put together a new viewer with the benefits of Emerald and SL Viewer 2.0 (tattoo layers, etc) without the failures of each viewer and the failures of the hateful devs who are intent on being selfish and impede Emerald’s growth and userbase.

  69. Bernhard says:

    I have enjoyed Emerald very much, that is all the legal features. I am not sure what is going on. My question is only, how longis it safe to use Emerald, I will be using it to the last second it can be used. Please get an Emerald successor going as soon as it can.
    Please keep it legal and stay in control. It is a darn shame that such a good viewer goes down the drain due to stupid pride.
    Well, I guess the sun will still ascend in the east tomorrow, but it is a shame nevertheless.

  70. Aura Sveiss says:

    Another thing that bothers me … what is Arabella going to do?

    In the interview you two did, she sounded indignant (which was understandable) but the hostility seemed a bit out of place. I still trusted that she was telling the truth since you were beside her. You sounded shaky and upset, which is the way I would have felt if I had discovered that kind of deception that could land myself in hot water legally.

    Now, Lonely has locked out everyone BUT Arabella … something about that really isn’t sitting well with me! Please, if you can, explain why Arabella remains in that viewer as a dev? Why is she allowing herself to be party to his hateful attitude and actions?

  71. Arrehn says:

    Thanks for posting this. You handled a difficult situation very well. I hope you’ll continue viewer development under improved circumstances. One ending is just another beginning, and you might be suprised at just how much real support you have 😉

  72. fatz says:

    Alts are your friends!

  73. Canoro says:

    you can join LordGregGreg with the Emergence viewer

  74. Sinead McMillan says:

    jessica, good luck and all the best! carry on, i got trust in you!

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  76. Alex says:

    Bravo, Jess! You have guts, lady! Sorry to hear of all the discord and hate to see Emerald falter.

    Might point you towards LGG and Challice. Mend fences and get on with the business of creating the best damned viewer that ever was! 🙂

    Good luck, and God bless.

  77. BlueSkyes Qunhua says:

    Jessica, I sincerely appreciate all your efforts and hope that you will succeed with a new TVP that is fully compliant. I will certainly use it. Emerald is truly the only viewer that has consistently worked for me. And the support team and devs, for the most part, ROCK!!!!! Always helpful. Sorry it’s come to this because of a few bad apples. Hugs to the whole team.

  78. Ryk Starsider says:

    Since I was introduced to Emerald, about a year ago, it has fast become the only viewer I use. That it has been killed off so unceramoniously is a great shame. Way ahead of its time in almost every respect, V2 is an absolute joke in comparason.

    Jess…, keep the dream alive, never give up and let us know when you start up a new viewer. If it is even half as good as the old one, then it streets ahead of most.

    I for one have bookmarked this page and will wait with great impatience for news.

  79. Mael says:

    Sorry to hear you go, Jessica. However, your mention of a possible new viewer sounds fantastic. I sincerely hope you go ahead with it as soon as possible, and I’ll immediately switch. I CANNOT live on SL without the features that Emerald provides. Imprudence, Kirsten’s, etc. are all a joke compared to Emerald. You just can’t rival it.

    You have my total backing and really hope you go ahead with this!

  80. Jen says:

    I think I speak for all of us when I say that we don’t care what the viewer is named. Let Lonely have his trademarked viewer name that nobody can use. What we care about are the features, and you can put those features into a new viewer with whatever name you wish and people will use it. Start up a new development team and resurrect the best viewer there is under a new name and without the unethical elements that are attached to the Emerald name.

  81. Sni says:

    Jessica, thank you for you’re openness and the work you’ve put into making the best viewer in SL. I have one question.. what will *YOU* do now? what viewer will you use? is there one you trust, from a stability, and security standpoint? Please give us your extremely informed advice. Thank you, -Sniley

    • Sni says:

      I do have one concern about working with LGG, tho I do not know the man at all.. On his blog, at , he allows the following comment as a fix for the “side by side” install issue:

      “Comment by Noisey on August 23, 2010 9:01 pm

      Thanks again LGG! The side by side fix at:
      worked for me.” (note the ../lgg/.. path)

      The link generates this warning in Avast AV:
      “9/1/2010 6:37:24 PM|>FixMe.exe [L] Win32:Malware-gen (0)”

      I don’t believe LGG is responsible for the site fix, but if the file is in fact LGG’s, I would be suspect of his coding and will not use Emergence either.

      Any helpful info would be appreciated. Very skiddish about 3rd party code at the moment.

      Thanks, -Sni

      • Alex says:

        SNI said:

        “I don’t believe LGG is responsible for the site fix, but if the file is in fact LGG’s, I would be suspect of his coding and will not use Emergence either. ”

        I don’t believe it either. I’ve found LGG to be not only highly accessible for help but very open and above board as well. I feel your suspicions are unfounded.

        BUT we each owe it to ourselves to be absolutely sure of our computer security. There’s no doubt of that. I’d be running other malware and virus finders against my machine to see if AVAST might be giving a false positive…. but that’s just me.

        I think if LGG were aware of your concerns he’d be more than happy to address them.

        Why don’t you ask him?

      • Sni says:

        I left a comment for LGG to reply to. I want to know if LGG is reponsible for this file, or a malicious or infected user. I also submitted the file to, here’s the results page:

        I would use this at your OWN risk!

        Results (removed the non-positive results for brevity)
        Antivirus Version Last Update Result

        Authentium 2010.09.02 W32/Dropper.IZL
        Avast 4.8.1351.0 2010.09.02 Win32:Malware-gen
        Avast5 5.0.594.0 2010.09.02 Win32:Malware-gen

        CAT-QuickHeal 11.00 2010.09.02 TrojanDropper.Delf.ccr
        ClamAV 2010.09.02 Trojan.Dropper-4934
        Comodo 5948 2010.09.02 TrojWare.Win32.TrojanDropper.Delf.~DJ

        F-Prot 2010.09.01 W32/Dropper.IZL

        Jiangmin 13.0.900 2010.08.30 TrojanDropper.Delf.czm
        K7AntiVirus 9.63.2424 2010.09.02 Trojan

        Norman 6.05.11 2010.09.02 W32/Suspicious_Gen2.AOYPL

        Panda 2010.09.02 Trj/KillAV.JK

        Rising 2010.09.02 Trojan.Win32.Generic.5204FDA7

  82. Sigma Avro says:

    Yes Please Jessica, the name Emerald does not mater really, we will be waiting … and meanwhile use Emerald. Cheers

  83. livia trill says:

    I’m a bit confused as to how any one dev can successfully apply to trademark Emerald without making a false declaration.

  84. Benjamin says:

    If it’s true Phox is making an Emerald wich is able to spoof Channels, why should we as users trust this guy in the first place? He then is willing and about to make TPV-Development harder for all Dev-Teams and LL in doing so. And if you follow the thought to it’s end he is willing to make it harder for all users, ’cause we have to deal with all this anti-spoof-measures in the future. And just for his want for money and/or childish pride as far as we know.

    As for Jessica, keep going with the work on a new, clean Viewer. I am sure the hard work will be appreciated when you and you’re team are openminded and honest to your users and even your critics.



  85. Zoidyn says:

    Jessica, from one QA person to another I tip my hat to you with deep respect for your efforts. Overseeing quality in ALL aspects of a product is one of the hardest jobs around. Your actions truly represent the heart and soul of a person devoted to quality, and that devotion shows in how much Emerald is loved by so many people.

    Count me in line with all the others who will follow, should you and the devs who walk the quality path decide to continue on with viewer development. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  86. Lillyanna says:

    I am just sorry that Fractured Crystal and the rest of the Dev’s involved or had knowledge of the questionable things that were put in the viewer in the first place and did nothing played right into LL hands and ended Emerald. LL has been out to get emerald for a long time and by the initial actions in the first place started this whole thing going. IMHO, Lonely Bluebird, is a selfish person and should have done the honourable thing like FC and stepped down and away from the Emerald Viewer, to at least give it a fighting chance to survive.
    Jessica, I wish you all the best hon, you are a straight forward and honest person, I found that out the first time I spoke with you. I do hope you develop another viewer and reassemble a team to do it, Maybe including LGG, excluding all these selfish ones who got you in this position in the first place.

  87. Jessica, your decision today was probably one of the hardest and I cannot imagine the hell your going through right now. I’ve had my fair share of Emerald Wacking due to being extremely upset with the fiasco’s that keep cropping up.

    Reading that chat log between you and Phox along with you stepping down and deciding that what they were doing was not in your best interest or the users best interest is very admirable.

    Thank you. For being truthful for finally sharing the information with us and caring about the user base for Emerald. That will go a long way once the dust settles and if you decide to help LGG with his viewer or start up another of your own.

    Oh and thanks for not letting me get booted from Emerald Group and making sure the group stayed in tact for the users who were confused or just learning about everything going on. AND for letting my comments go through on the other blog…even though Arabella deleted them later.

  88. Ro Winkler says:

    Well sadly we will lose our Emerald ….. the best ever ….i will keep using till LL blocked …. but Jessica , dont stop you great work . We all need a good viewer . Without Emerald will have a lack of good viewer to use . I think everybody who was supporting Emerald agree that your good work dont have to stop for ANY reason . I will be here ready to use a new one if u make it . I am so sorry for all what happened and sorry for us , Emerald users .
    *Sad day for all of us ……………. *


  89. fangygirl1985 says:

    yeah i will definately swap to a new viewer if you guys make one i cant believe 1 dev would actually let the project die like that ….count me in one way or another scream shout lol whatever ill hop over on all my avi’s via sl

  90. Eon Peterson says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to speed Jess. Looking forward to hearing some better news in the not-too-distant future.

    Good luck on picking the bones out of all this.

    (From a devoted Emerald user)

  91. Justice says:

    All i can say is WOW, watching that video,tell me the possibilities that he didn’t profit from this,to buy his weed he spoke of in the video, i hope all that read this blog watch that video. did he sell these? And for how much and how many? and if he did, did he pay taxes,you hear things around the grid, and i know of these sales, wake up a smell the coffee,All i can say he let down a lot of people that love the non modified version of emerald,Thank God for LGG, his viewer needs to get on the list,Many Thanks to Jessica,for going in the right direction,Makes you not want to log on to sl to much drama.

  92. Tsu Dho Nimh says:

    Jessica: Take the code and fork the project.

    That’s what Open Source does!

  93. Dragon says:

    Well… im not suprised LL taking more and more actions towards Emerald after the hard fact that their vewer 2.0 is a big failure. When realizing that approx 50% of the logins is by emerald they had to come up with what ever excuse there was to try to stop or kill Emerald. The dev team of Emerald ought to have known they became a bigger and bigger threat to LL as the sucess of Emerald kept increasing. Even if LL is not acting with best interest its naive to think that the dev team had so much power to stand up against LL. If only the emerald team would be experienced enough, to play the violin of LL for another 6 months, agreeing with LL, releasing an een better version of emerald, and they would have 75-80% of total logins. THEN they would easily be able to actually even maybe propose to sell it all to LL and we would have it as a default standard viewer or something. Instead they started to fight internally and LL laughing all the time, succeeding in their strategy to put emerald out for good.

    • Happy Pitbull says:

      Right. Keep on drinking that Kool Aid and make sure that tin foil hat of yours is on snug and tight. Linden Research took action because Emerald because they blatantly violated several aspects of not only the TPV policy. It has nothing to do with idiotic crackpot conspiracy theories about some evil uberlord plot to shut down Emerald due to its popularity or the failure of V2. If you think Linden Research wouldn’t do the same for any other viewer that did the same, especially with the prior histories of the Emerald developers in question, you’re smoking some major crack infused with ultra bat guano.

  94. @Dragon: are you sure about that? Some Emerald team members/developers made bad judgments, – and imo that is the sole reason. A strategy to put Emerald out for good?? nah.
    I have never used Emerald, I like viewer 2.1 and I love the KristenLee viewer.
    I would therefore never say anything bad about another viewer, if i dont use it, i wouldnt know what i was talking about.
    I just want to take this opportunity to express my sympathy to Jessica, she is one of the best and most honest people i met in my years in SL.

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  96. Wayfinder says:

    “The core of what Emerald was will continue under a new name as a new project. It just won’t have the bad apples on the team. Don’t get me wrong, they were talented, but misguided.”

    Okay, let me be the “bad guy” here, play the Devil’s advocate, and let’s all set the emotionalism aside and try to take a reality check.

    First, these guys weren’t “misguided”. They’re criminals. They hacked other people’s systems, which is against Federal law. They knew that when they did it, and no rationalization on their part justifies what they did. They betrayed the entire Emerald community.

    Linden Lab hasn’t jumped on destroying Emerald because they want to promote v2.x. If they wanted to do that, they’d have banned Emerald from day 1. I am definitely no fan of Linden Lab, but frankly were I in their shoes, I’d have banned Emerald the moment it was determined the project contained hack code. Flat out banned, no questions asked. I think in this case, Linden Lab was fairly restrained in their dealings. If they made demands others didn’t want to agree to, tough beans. That’s how business works. They were hacked. They pretty much have the right to impose whatever restrictions they like. It’s their company.

    As for the clown who Trademarked Emerald… like someone pointed out, there are legal requirements for doing so. If he knowingly falsified Trademark documents claiming ownership of something he doesn’t own… he’s in breach of Federal law… again.

    As for everyone who is throwing in their support and sympathies and all that toward the other project people, hey, I understand. I sympathize. You loved Emerald. But folks… let’s recognize reality here and wise up a bit. While (apparently) some on the Emerald team were not aware these things were going on (or were they?)… they were still in charge. The Captain of the Ship is responsible for the ship no matter what, no excuses. This product went out containing hacker code… and how was that not double-checked and insured would not happen? From what I understand this all went on under the project leader’s nose… and she wasn’t aware?

    I’m not blaming the innocents. I’m saying people need to get a clue. You were all just burned, rather severely, and you want to go play in the fire again? Wow, everyone is just begging for more abuse. What would insure you folks that this wouldn’t happen all over again? “Yes, master, beat me again!”

    I know Emerald rocked in some ways. In other ways, it didn’t. From the very start it contained “features” that were privacy-invasive and arguably unethical. Yet the entire team designed, developed and instituted these things knowingly. The whole project has been questionable from the beginning. Many people complained about those “features”– only to have their complaints fall on deaf ears. Beware selling your soul for features. Linden Lab brown nosers have been doing that for years. All that does is enable bad behavior. You all were just slammed in the face by the Emerald dev team… and you want to come back for more?

    What assurance do you have this will not happen again? “Get in trustworthy people.” Are you serious? How do we know anyone is “trustworthy”? Anyone out there have a crystal ball handy? A sci-fi class uber lie detector in their closet. (In truth, that applies to all TPV projects which are without proper security structures and measures in place.)

    We learn to trust people by proof of action. We have no such proof with Emerald… for ANY of the team (including the “innocent” ones). This all happened on someone’s watch… and wasn’t prevented. How would it be prevented from happening again? Yet everyone is “Oh yes please, start a NEW project which-we-know-won’t-abuse-us-again pretty please pretty please…”

    That’s just willingly jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    Okay, so folks love Emerald. Understood. But I use SL and Inworldz every day and do just fine. I’m not going to “die” because I don’t use Emerald. The worlds are not suddenly going to become totally useless just because Emerald isn’t around. Reality check time. Some Emerald features may have been nice, and it may be true other viewers don’t even come close… but it’s not end of the world. It is a dirty shame Emerald uses were betrayed by the EMERALD TEAM (not just one or two people, the entire team that allowed this to happen, some intentionally, some unknowingly)… but that’s how it stands. Yet people come back asking for more… with no valid assurances the very same thing won’t happen again but yet another hacker that joins the team because he can’t resist slamming gullible people once again?

    Okay, look, not trying to be a wise guy nor throw sand in the gears. Just throwing out some ideas for thought. There is loyalty, and preference, and appreciation on the one hand. Those things are fine– if not exercised blindly. On the other hand is common sense and reality and self-preservation. One does not lean into a left-hook, then willingly do so again, hoping the punch won’t be as hard next time. ; )

    I sympathize for the innocents on the Emerald team… but they all still had the responsibility to make sure your product went out in trustworthy form. Someone dropped the ball there. I sympathize with Emerald users. Your beloved product has been trashed. That’s pitchfork and torches time. I can’t say that rallying around the team is exactly wrong… but it’s not exactly wise either. My advice to all users of TPVs… any of which could be corrupted by lousy people without any ethical or moral coding of their own… use such viewers with both eyes wide open, and when someone is found using such devices to hack… take every legal means available to remove that person from society so he can’t inflict such harm again, on anyone. IMO, that is how you will accomplish the most good in this situation, not by encouraging a failed team to risk inflicting yet more damage on the community.

    This Emerald issue wasn’t minor; it affected not only SL but other grids that trusted the project. This was a MAJOR FAIL. Doesn’t seem to me all that wise to just come back and ask for more of the same, as so many here are doing. Reality check time.

    (Just my opinions. Nothing set in granite here.)

    • Alex says:

      Wayfinder, I must confess my first thought after reading your post was “Wow! It must REALLY suck to be you. To go through life never forgiving, never trusting.”

      But upon second.. all right.. third reading I must confess you raise valid points.

      However, since 99% of us are not programmers and cannot create our own viewers it’d be damned difficult not to find the need to trust others sometime.

      What you said about the Emerald team, (other than calling out the criminal element and yes, criminals is what some of them are), applies to everybody else in the world. Do we know who we can trust? Nope. Is the whole thing a crap shoot? Yup. But so is everything else in our lives, so why is this different?

      So we trusted the untrustworthy. You’ve never done that? So we got burned? So what? So long as we indulge in risky behavior with eyes open and aware of the risk, then whatever we get we deserve, good or bad.

      We’re not gluttons for punishment, but we know what we like in a viewer and are willing to give whomever can supply these needs, (provided they are not ones who have without a doubt screwed us already), a chance.

      I think that most of us are savvy enough now to push future developers to be open and will be viewing any other TPV with suspicion from the get-go. Not to say we cannot be fooled, but it’ll be harder to do.

      Once burned, twice warned. And those who refuse to be warned deserve whatever they get.

      So thanks for the timely warning. 🙂

      • Wayfinder says:

        Alex: “So we trusted the untrustworthy. You’ve never done that? So we got burned? So what? So long as we indulge in risky behavior with eyes open and aware of the risk, then whatever we get we deserve, good or bad. We’re not gluttons for punishment, but we know what we like in a viewer and are willing to give whomever can supply these needs, (provided they are not ones who have without a doubt screwed us already), a chance.”

        Valid points Alex, and a good counter-post to mine. You’re totally right… we have to exercise a degree of trust in all aspects of our lives. The point I intended of course, is that once a trust is betrayed, it should not be lightly given again. You’ve shown the other side of the coin and made equally valid points. Both of us I think would have a similar philosophy, that of trusting to an extent, but not being goofy about it.

        I’m glad my post didn’t indicate I’m not forgiving or trusting. Just the opposite: by nature I’m a rather trusting (until someone proves that trust unwarranted, which is what happened here) and I’m very forgiving person, even in extreme cases. But I’ve also been in the business world long enough to temper that with realistic caution. Neither optimist nor pessimist be, and stay away from scorpions. I do indeed believe in giving people second chances. So yes, I understand and agree with the points you make… along with your recognition that due caution has been duly given (which was primarily my intent… however that may have come across). 😀

      • daro says:

        the diff is emerald GOT CAUGHT. MORE THAN ONCE.

  97. Wayfinder says:

    Follow up: When I stated “let’s all set the emotionalism aside and try to take a reality check…” I was not aiming that at the commenter… but the entire thread. Frankly, we’re ALL emotional in this issue (me included… this is a travesty of harm). Most of us had a “good friend” just bash us in the teeth. Of COURSE we’re emotional.

    So it may have come across more harshly than I intended (it did to me when I re-read my post, LOL) so wanted to clarify: just suggesting we try to set aside that emotion for a bit, think about this rationally, and none of us put ourselves, Second Life or other grids in a position of harm’s way by trusting folks who have proved untrustworthy (no offense intended to the innocents).

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  99. Mira says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done for the community at large re: Emerald. What’s been going on with it is incredibly disheartening. I’m very glad you started a blog, thanks for keeping us updated. Maybe when a little time has passed you’ll want to keep things going with another similar viewer design. Hope so!

    You mentioned the last safe Emerald viewer was probably “…the recent beta 2587.”
    But I’m not finding anywhere online. The Emerald links I found for it are no longer working or are no longer showing as available. I downloaded 2600 but now I’m not comfortable installing it – let along using it – after what’s happened. I get that Linden Labs could still ban Emerald all together. But in case they don’t I’d love to have the option of using the beta version you wrote about here. If possible would you or someone you trust consider posting a link to it, if you still have it available? Even if you had to give it a different name (meaning the beta 2567 that is already created), if it’s from you I’d trust it.

    Thank you and kind regards~

  100. Mel says:

    Jessica, will you please team up with LGG and help dev new versions of Emergence? Please? Pretty Please? Awww gowannnn…please please with extra cream and sprinkles!

  101. macambali says:

    Dear Jessica, so many thanks to you for your contributions to Emerald. What a great viewer it was! Your efforts to keep the show on the road are appreciated and I am sure you and its talented, honest developers will continue on from strength to strength to a bright and creative future. All best.

  102. monica paz says:

    well, im just simply can not live with out emerald, so i had been trying to download the new phoenix, from and clicking the link down the page but when i tried to download (i made 5 times) never finish to , becouse says to me my macbook in the download window: “Error al montar” . So, what this mean?, im really want to download this viewer, but just i can not do it , please help me (im from mexico so thats why the error message comes to me in spanish, i dont know how to traslate it in english)

  103. Obcene Bordiga says:

    Hey Jessica,

    I just Wanted to Say that I Admire your Work Ethic and I look Forward to Seeing The new Viewer Come from you and Your Developer Team. I am also Very Sorry to hear about what has happend, But So Thankful to see you and the rest of the team moving forward. Thank you For all that you do, And thank you to the Rest of The Developer Team for all that you all do too.

    Obcene Bordiga

  104. Tango Tongo says:

    I’m SOOO happy u are doing this! (I hope you keep all those great windlight settings that Emerald had!)

  105. June says:

    I guess you done someting to the Windows download during the night as it downloaded and installed this morning without problems.
    As there is only one Windows version is it ok for 64 bit as well?

  106. Trixie Pinelli says:

    Hey, glad to have back…
    But will it be listed on LL third-party viewers also?
    And it will be aproved by the compliance rules they want?

  107. Pryda Parx says:

    Jes, I hissed at you initially whilst coping with the big disappointment. You patiently pointed me at your blog which I read. And lots since too.
    I admire what you are doing, I admire the integrity you showed in standing up for what is right, and I really hope the Phoenix is as big a success as I expect it to be.
    Lick nose, Pryda (bad kitty)

  108. Alison says:

    Never before, have I seen such a manipulative woman. I have been away from second life for several months now and to return to see this is nothing but childish.

    You quote a conversation, that is in direct breach of the lindens lab terms of service. A conversation between you and that person and you get to copy and paste, and we don’t and are with consequences to do so.

    You are nothing but manipulative and if you have worked to give the users what they want, then why have thousands and thousands left Second life, having gone broke investing in land, and the entire project of second life, to have decisions that have affected our livelyhood, made without our consent or input, so I doubt you or Phillip Linden heard any of our cries and pleas or words to not proceed as you did.

    How dare you come out with a blog that is just your version and makes you look like a child on a school ground wanting to be heard and I see that only posative posts are about, so I have no doubt this will not make it, and should it not, I shall post it on every forum till it is seen.

    Emerald viewer was the best there was, and all you have done is stolen part of the code and project to turn it into your new viewer, claim it is yours and put emerald down….If emerald can make a viewer for over 50% of the people in SL as the most used….what does that say about LL listening to what we wanted???

    Pathetic…you are pathetic and I am just disgusted.

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