New Website and blog!

The Phoenix Viewer now has a new website in place, with a blog on the front page. This new blog will be our primary and I will turn this blog into my personal.Though I may not use it very much as I hate blogging.

Thank you to all who have been following the Phoenix viewer and myself here and I look forward to seeing your comments in our new blog at

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DDOS attack on our server over night

Our server provider was hit with a DDOS attack over night and had effectively gone offline. The attack was not aimed specifically at Phoenix but rather at service providers across the internet. More info about the mass DDOS here:

Things effected by this outage in your viewer will be client tag colors and a message stating “This viewer was not made by Phoenix…“. You can safely ignore that message. We have restarted our server now and it seems to be stable again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Phoenix and – The Phoenix Hour

In partnership with, the Phoenix Dev team begins our first bi-weekly Televised Office Hour today at 2pmSLT. This helps us reach more of you and is an opportunity for you to stay up to date with what we are doing and to ask questions directly to the Dev Team. If you can’t make it in world due to the 60 agent limit, you can watch it live here: . You can ask your questions in the chat window provided or on twitter using the hashtags mentioned on that webpage. More info about this on going partnership here: . We hope to see you all there!!

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I am VERY pleased to announce the release of our fastest and most stable version yet! Get it from our downloads page here .
See the change log here:

Plus! Today will be the first of a series of televised Phoenix Office Hours! Phoenix has partnered with in order to bring our office hours to a larger audience. It will begin today at 2pm SLT. More information here.

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Some good news and some bad news.

First, the good…

I’m very pleased to announce the release of our Phoenix Viewer release. This release addresses the stability and crash issues we were having as well as media issues. It also has some major performance improvements as well as some new features like Progressive Draw Distance stepping designed to help close objects rez faster for you. I will add the change log on this version at the bottom of this post. I’m also very pleased to say that the Phoenix Viewer has soared in popularity very fast with yesterday alone showing over 334 thousand logins, with 64,152 of them unique by household. Those are amazing numbers considering how new this project is!

And now the sad news…

I’m sad to announce the departure of Dimentox Travanti and Miss Wright from our development team. Dimentox has been an absolute asset, and we wouldn’t be nearly as far as we are today without his dedication and contributions. He has been extremely generous to this project by allowing us to use his servers and, he has donated countless hours of his time in code. Miss Wright has also spent a lot of time and dedication to our project in many ways, including a custom skin for our viewer and alot of documentation.  Their departure was a result of a difference in opinion on how the project and team should be run. We are sad to see them go and wish them both much success in their future projects.

The Phoenix Project and its team will continue making advances in this viewer and in the future, a Viewer 2 for the residents of Second Life.

Change log to Phoenix Viewer

Phoenix selection beam: Prefs> Phoenix > Avatar > Selection beam particle effects > Phoenix
New default Phoenix skin: Prefs> skins> Select skin> “Firebird”
Build floater addition: Edit window > Edit axis at root and show highlight
Built in IRC: Contacts> IRC>
Re added Ctrl-Alt-E for edit linked parts.
Added Nvidia Geforce GTX 460/470/480 Support
Option to colour friends chat in a different colour: Prefs> Text chat> Chat Color> “Friends” And “Color text in chat from my friends in a different color” (check box below)
Improved performance with SSE2 and Vectorization.
Added ability to see your own tag color: Prefs> phoenix> Shields> Phoenix Tag Color> “Show your own color” (check box)

Media fixes
Crash fixes
OpenJPEG fixes and updated too version 1.4
Memory leak fixes
PHOE-54 – Second right click of about land doesn’t display correct info
PHOE-319 – Fixed PhoenixRenderHighlightSelections: Tools > show selection outlines
Client tag issues between Emerald and Phoenix
PHOE-503 – Text on spell check tab runs off floater
Fixed crouch toggle from messing up controls in vehicles
Fixed bug in copy key button
fixed chat window transparency bug

Removed the ability to use gestures to change draw distance, as code improvements make it obsolete. Progressive draw distance stepping.
Dissolved friendship notification now comes through a dialog in the top right corner of your screen.
Optimized and updated bridge

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Phoenix is on the TPVD

I am very pleased to announce, that the Phoenix Viewer is now on the Linden Lab Third Party Viewer Directory. You can see this directory here. .

We are in a flurry rush currently to get an updated version out with media fixes, and hope to have this update out within the next day or two. Please stay tuned to our website or this blog for updates.

Thank you!

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From the ashes….

From the ashes… the Phoenix has risen.

My name is Jessica Lyon. My goal during my time with the Emerald Project, was always to give the users what they want. That goal has never and will never change. I’m very happy to announce, it continues…

A few days ago, I assembled a team of developers to work on a new viewer. Some who were originally Emerald developers, some who were not. All are respected reputable residents in the SecondLife Community. The goal was simple, to provide users with what they want and do it transparently.

I’m am very proud to announce the launch of the Phoenix Viewer. This project, has started off simple, with it’s initial release of a safe clone of the Emerald viewer. Users want Emerald features, you shall have them. We have big plans to expand to the Snowstorm project as well. We have already applied for the TPVD, to which we have no doubt we will be accepted in a timely fashion. We have already started making in world groups for support, (Phoenix Viewer Support), beta testing etc. There is much more to do… however…

This Viewer is ready for use by you, right now!

For this project, I insist on, and everyone on this team insists on 100% public transparency in EVERYTHING we do. We have already established a public IRC Dev chat, public repo and are working on much much more.

Our developers are; (in alphabetical order), Dakun Flux, Dimentox Travanti, Jessica Lyon, Kitty Barnett, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther, Vortex Saito, Wickman Gibbs, with more to come.

Our Lead Developers are: Dimentox Travanti, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther.

Ed Merryman will be leading our support team: Aleia Sapphire, bee Baroque,  Damian Zhaoying, Ed Merryman,  Marybeth Oceanlane,  Mindy Spiritor,  Nisa Maverick, PixelProphet Lane,  Toy LaFollette, Vortex Saito, Whirly Fizzle, Wolfspirit Magic.

Our website is still in progress, however we have up the required links. .

More information here
Downloads. .
Public repo

I am very pleased and excited about this project, and I hope that you will be too.

Jessica Lyon and the Phoenix Viewer Development Team.

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